Rental conditions

Rental conditions for signing a rental contract

Valid drivers license with expiry not longer than the returning date of hired vehicle. Two years of driving experience minimum.

Valid ID or intenational passport.

The driver must be over 20 years of age;

Minimum hiring period: 24 hours


Before the expiration date of the contract

Upon early return (before the expiration date of the contract) of the rented vehicle, the Renteran does not owe the rent for the remaining period of the contract. Exceptions are made for a contract concluded for more than seven days, the service being charged according to the lesser number of days, and the Lessor deducts 50% (fifty percent) of the difference between the two final prices / the contract price and the new calculations.

Returning delay

Delay or extending rental period.

If customer wants to extend rental period he or she is obliged to inform RENTAVAN 24 hours earlier in order to check availability for above mentioned.

Penalty fee for returning delay:

8 hours of delay: No penalty fee

Over 8 hours: Half of 24 hour price rent

If customer looses documents,keys,registration plates, he or she is obliged to pay all expenses for their renewal.

Rental prices and payment method

All prices are in BGN excl. VAT

  • All rental prices are in BGN excl. VAT.
  • Rental price is based on 24 hour hiring period.
  • Payment accepted in cash or via bank transfer before date of van renting.
  • Fuel deposit of 200 BGN is requested before van renting.
  • Fuel deposit is refundable after returning the vehicle with fully loaded tank of fuel.


All vehicles are with full tank loaded at hiring. All vehicles should be returned with full tank loaded.

Used fuel during the rental period is payed by the customer.

In case the vehicle is not returned with full tank of fuel the difference is payable by the customer at 2,20 BGN/l.

Trip outside of Bulgaria

All Rentavan vehicles are allowed to travel abroad,butonly with pre-agreemnt with customer. Leaving Bulgaria without Rentavan permission customer will pay penalty fee of 2000 BGN.

All vehicles are equiped with:

  • Annual vignette sticker
  • Full car insurance and third party insurance.
  • Standart technical equipment according to traffic police requirements – spare tyre,first aid kit,tyres jack,fire extinguisher.
  • Seasonal tyres – summer or winter.

Technical issues and road traffic accident

In case of a technical issue customer must contact immediately with Rentavan team.

In case or road traffic accident caused by the customer,same owes 50 EURO for applying damage report to insurance company.

Insurance policy does not include damages when: 

  • Consumption of alcohol or narcotic substances.
  • Missing traffic police protocol for road accident.
  • If driving person is not icluded in rental contract or in the power of attorney document.
  • Stealing insurance is not valid when:

– No protocol from police that the car has been stolen.
– No available keys and/or car  documents at the time of steal.